Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what a great instructor Mr. Schiffman is. My Son and I started taking classes in January of 2010. My son used to be very shy and would cry if he had to try a new activity that he was not used to. Since we started classes my son has moved onto his Orange belt and loves taking classes. He has also become confident in other aspects of his life as well.

When he started swimming and baseball, there were no tears. He was confident and did as the coaches asked. He is in Kindergarten so he is not graded with the traditional letters of A through F. His grades are + marks that reflect he has a mastery of the skill. His report card has all +s not only for the academic but also for social and conduct. In school he participates and is much more social than he has ever been.

I would like to let you know that we appreciate Mr Schiffman for all his hard work with the students and parents. I volunteer to help out with all my children's activities so I know how tough parents can be.

As a side note, my son corrects me if I do a form or technique wrong. So it is great that my son and I can do activities together, I love spending time with my children doing activities with them, I am so happy we found Karate and Mr Schiffman.

Thank You,
Michael Caputo

Being in martial arts for 20 years I am always asked "what do you look for in a good karate school?" - my answer is simple, I look at the owner (head instructor) - after all he (or she) is what makes a good karate school. Their knowledge and values represent their school and guides how the rest of the school will run.

So when I was thinking about starting up my training again - I was referred to Mr. Schiffman by a fellow black belt I had trained with. Since starting to train with Mr. Schiffman I have learned so much - his classes are geared for all levels to learn, workout and build self-confidence in their own ability. His knowledge of the art is taught at every class along with his ability to point out what will make any self defense technique work better for you. I have found American Karate System to be a school where respect for student and instructor is very apparent. I have to admit, my first class at his school - I was watching the ending of the kids class before my class started - all the kids were answering questions about Kenpo that most adult students I know (including myself) would have trouble answering . . . . at that point I knew I was in the right place!!

I would highly recommend American Karate System to anyone just starting out in their martial arts training or wanting to continue their training. Even if you are already a black belt in Kenpo - I'm sure you will find that there is so much more to learn and this is the place that will teach you!!

Flo Martino