New Blackbelts

Mr Dan Norremo


Mr. Norremo first discovered martial arts in 2003 while taken a one credit course in Kenpo at the University of Delaware. As with so many others, he grew up admiring guys like Bruce Lee, Steven Segal and Chuck Norris, but never found the time as a teen to learn martial arts.
Later that year, after receiving his Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Mr. Norremo moved to Folsom, PA. There he found American Karate System, lead by Mr. Mark Schiffman. As the school moved to New Jersey, he followed Mr. Schiffman, eventually receiving his black belt on February 27, 2009.
Mr. Norremo lives with his wife of 3 years in Wilmington, DE.

Mr Chris Roe


February 27,2009

Mr Tony Sprague &
Mrs Michelle Sprague

Tony and Michelle Sprague have been fans of the fighting arts even longer than they have been together. As kids they both loved competition. Michelle grew up with two brothers and was fairly active in the sports world and Tony shot archery competitively, Ranking 2nd at the Keystone State Games (Pennsylvania) 2 years in a row.

While they were in college the two began studying foil and saber fencing at West Chester University. Unfortunately, due to scheduling and travel conditions, the two were forced to leave the college fencing team and began looking for other activities to keep them active and in shape. Late one night while discussing their favorite movies (which include The Karate Kid, Only the Strong, and Rush Hour) and watching the short lived TV show, Black Sash it dawned on them to try Martial Arts. They did some research and decided to check out a karate school in Folsom PA, American Karate System.

In their first visit with Mr. Schiffman and his school they fell in love with the art form. Mr. Schiffman and his class demonstrated that Kenpo had the Grace and Power that Michelle was looking for and the Speed and Structure that Tony required. While still in college Tony attempted to branch out and learn other forms of martial arts, earning a yellow belt in Shotokan Karate, but soon realized that the couple had found the perfect form for them in Kenpo.

As Mr. Schiffman’s school grew and moved so did the Spragues, following AKS to four different locations in two different states. Through Mr. Schiffman the Spragues were fortunate to meet and train with many Great Kenpoists including Ed Parker Jr., Mr. “Huk” Planas, Mr. Gil Hibben, Mr. Frank Trejo, Mr. Josh Ryer, and Mr. Sean Kelly. All of whom influenced the couples journey in Kenpo in one way or another, helping them earn their Black Belts in April 2009.

Tony and Michelle would like to dedicate their accomplishments to their families and friends. Without your love and support we would not be where we are today. And to Mr. Schiffman, the best friend, mentor and adopted brother a young couple could ever ask for.


Ms. Autumn Jarry


May 22,2010



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